TD SIG Call for Members-at-Large

Looking for an Extra Incentive or Boost for your Resume?

We are opening up the opportunity for any interested TD SIG members to expand their horizons by becoming a Member-at-Large, specifically to assist us by being Proposal Reviewers for our upcoming Teacher Journeys 2022 Conference

As Member-at-Large, you can get a glimpse into how we plan, discuss, and work as a team via our Basecamp platform, and be involved in the discussion. And if you decide you’d like to step up for other event-related roles when needed, you can enjoy some of the perks that come with it.

This chance certainly enhances our well-being while also putting a shine on our resumes. So, what could be better than that?

If you hope to join our always evolving and dynamic team, please reach out to us with a short message expressing your interest at

Our team is comprised of officers and members-at-large with diverse backgrounds, skills and interests. With the understanding that our jobs and families are first priority, TD SIG expanded its Officer List so that each volunteer has about the same consumable proportion of work each year. That’s why we have multiple program chairs, publications chairs, and members-at-large – and why things get done so well.

We are eager to meet and work with you!

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