TD SIG Forum @ JALT 2024 – Call for Workshop Leaders

The Teacher Development SIG will be holding a forum at the JALT 2024 national conference in Shizuoka (November 15-18).

At this year’s conference, the prompt words ‘opportunity’‘diversity’ and ’excellence’ related to the future, have been selected in order to generate, discuss and share related ideas.

The format for the forum will be an interactive workshop. We would like to emphasise the “interactive” component of this year’s forum to potential workshop leaders.

Within the 30 minutes given, each workshop leader will:

  • Share a story related to themselves and/or their teaching context in connection with the JALT theme prompt words (opportunity, diversity, excellence), and how their identity or practice as an educator will or may evolve moving into the future.
  • Involve and encourage attendees to participate in discussions and idea sharing related to their story, and allow them to connect their experiences, ask questions, and/or give comments or ideas about the workshop leader’s story.

We strongly ask people applying to be workshop leaders to keep the above two guidelines in mind related to this forum. We ask that the format of your proposed workshop not be presentation heavy, not involve too much of your talk time, and not have the interactive component be just Q&A at the end of a presentation.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday April 28th, 11:59pmClick here for more details and the proposal submission form, or scan the QR code on the poster below.

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