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Explorations in Teacher Development: Volume 29 Issue 1 (Spring 2023)

The TD SIG is thrilled to announce the publication of Volume 29 Issue 1 of the Explorations in Teacher Development journal!

This issue has three research articles representing a range of approaches. Steven Lim investigates the relationship and gaps between policies promoting communicative language teaching and teacher beliefs about the appropriateness of this approach in junior high school classrooms. Andrew A. Kirkpatrick and Tom J. A. Batten report on research into perceptions of team-teaching roles in eikaiwa for young learners. Marc Jones and Matthew Noble’s duoethnography probes the interrelations of teachers’ ADHD and their teaching.

Additionally, Akiko Takagi, Yuya Yamamoto, and Tomohide Warabi reflect together on differently positioned feedback on a practitioner’s teaching journal for professional development. Robert J. Lowe, Luke Lawrence, Daniel Hooper, Matthew W. Turner, and Nick Kasparek add another reflective layer to their aligned duoethnographic projects while demonstrating the potential of this accessible method. Denver Beirne explores the potential of movie-making for English language teaching.

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