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Explorations in Teacher Development: Volume 28 Issue 1 (Spring 2022)

The TD SIG is thrilled to announce the publication of Volume 28 Issue 1 of the Explorations in Teacher Development journal!

This issue is currently available only to TD SIG members. It will be published on this website upon the release of the next issue (approximately October 2022).

This issue features two extensive research articles. First, Miori Shimada investigates through two student narratives the complex role of anxiety in language learning. By attending to the significantly different backgrounds of these students and their experiences with anxiety in language learning, Shimada brings into focus the factors affecting when anxiety arose, how it both helped and hindered learning, and how it could be overcome.

Second, Cecilia Smith Fujishima and Tanja McCandie explore the relationships between demographics and ELT conference attendance. Inspired by work suggesting that attending conferences positively affects teacher development, they use survey data to examine potentially underrepresented identity groups at JALT conferences; in other words, they turn attention to who might be at most risk of missing out on these benefits and what could be done to make JALT conferences more accessible to all.


  • Exploring the Effect of Anxiety Through Narrative Inquiry by Miori Shimada
  • Attendance at JALT Conferences: An Exploratory Survey by Cecelia Smith Fujishima & Tanja McCandie