Event Information

TD SIG conducts three major events a year.

The first is a forum at the PanSIG conference in May. In this forum, three TD SIG officers invite representatives from other SIGs to share experiences and stories of personal development. The forum ends with an open discussion between the SIG representatives to find connections between these different groups.

The second event is the one day Teacher Journeys Conference in June. For this conference, we partner with local chapters around Japan to give teachers a chance to use narrative inquiry methods to recount stories in their professional journeys as teachers. The conference is intended to spark new conversations around themes related to EFL teacher identities, career paths, and professional development. There are usually two plenary speakers and 16 to 20 speakers during concurrent sessions throughout the day. For more information, please visit ourΒ EFL Teacher Journeys Conference Site

The final major annual event is our forum co-sponsored by CUE SIG at the international JALT conference in November. At this forum, a series of presenters share moments of growth related to a specific theme in short, often poster or pechakucha style presentations. A moderator, usually a plenary or featured speaker at the conference, then conducts a final discussion to tie together all of the presentations.

In addition to these annual events, TD is interested in facilitating reflective practice meetings by funding coffee/snacks up to 5,000 yen. Please see this announcement if you would be interested in setting up such a meeting in your area.