Explorations in Teacher Development

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Explorations in Teacher Development (ETD) (ISSN 2434-589X) is the Teacher Development SIG’s journal of research and reflective practice. TD SIG members receive this publication by email.

Papers for Explorations in Teacher Development (ETD) are accepted on an on-going basis. We encourage both members and non-members of our SIG to submit papers, so please share this information with your colleagues and friends to ensure a rich and diverse publication.

Submission Guidelines: The Teacher Development SIG welcomes submissions for its publication, Explorations in Teacher Development, that address aspects related to the SIG’s core mission of expanding and exploring issues in teacher education.

We are interested in publishing the following categories of articles:

  • Research Articles (4000-6000 words)
    • Narrative Inquiry
    • Reflective or Theoretical Inquiry
    • Action Research
    • Mixed-Methods Research
    • Arts-Based Research
  • Explorations (1000-3000 words)
  • Reflections (1000-3000 words)
    • Learning / Teaching Journeys
    • Teacher Reflections
    • Conference Reflections
  • Book Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Columns (500-1000 words)

The TD SIG also publishes the proceedings of our summer Teacher Journeys as well as occasional special issues in collaboration with other JALT SIGs.

If you wish to contribute to ETD, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use APA Style (7th ed.).
  • Submit at any time, but please check the latest call for papers for the publication schedules.
  • Include the following with any submission:
    • A brief cover letter indicating which category of ETD article your submission best fits
    • Current affiliation and contact email (a short bio and photo are optional).
  • In addition, include the following with any research article submission:
    • An abstract of 150-250 words, including purpose, methods, and conclusions.
  • Include visual aids such as images, graphs, and tables with your article if desired.

Please note that all accepted submissions for the research and explorations sections of ETD will undergo a peer-review process involving feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Questions and contributions may be sent to the editors at the following email address:

ETD Spring 2022 Issue: Call for Papers

For the Spring 2022 issue of the Explorations in Teacher Development journal, we invite any rigorous scholarship dealing with phenomena related to teacher development. We welcome articles using quantitative or qualitative data. We above all urge authors to use their research as an opportunity to learn from as well as speak out and join the scholarly conversation about teacher development, sharing the wisdom they have gained along the way.

As we all continue to face the challenges of teaching and living well in a pandemic, we also especially encourage submissions related to the concept of askesis, or care of the self. This means not understanding oneself and others as atomistic individuals, as privileged subjects among objects, but as responsible formed-transforming selves who create their own conditions for ethical agency, attending to social norms and rules but committing to a more ambitious ethics and character to act ethically without guarantees. During the pandemic, ethically ambiguous situations might have become more apparent to many of us, but we might also have begun to notice—or actively attend to—how caring for the self in a radically relational ethics extends to the known and familiar now made strange.

We especially encourage scholarly inquiry of all kinds that estranges the taken-for-granted practices and opens new possibilities for teacher development, transformation, or growth.

Spring 2022 Issue Projected Schedule:
  • First submissions: 1/11
  • First reviews and revisions: 1/12-1/31
  • Second reviews and revisions: 2/1-2/15
  • Proofreading: 2/16-2/28
  • Publication: 3/15

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