TD SIG Forum @ JALT2022 – Call for Proposals

The Teacher Development SIG will be facilitating a forum on “Studentsโ€™ Aiding Teacher Development” at the JALT2022 International Conference in Fukuoka.

With people positively influencing each other in every walk of life, it is understandable that within a language classroom, students can and do positively impact their teachers in direct and indirect ways all the time. When shared, these stories of how students have aided teacher development can be fascinating to hear and can have important lessons for educators. We invite presenters to share their own reflections on this fascinating area of education.

In the forum, tablets, laptops or paper will be used to share experiences of creating communities through PechaKucha-like sessions. Presenters will give 5 minute presentations, followed by short Q&A periods. Each presentation will be given several times to multiple audiences so that attendees are provided a range of topics. This is in accordance with our goal of ensuring all of those in attendance at least one valuable takeaway from their development aided by students.

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, May 11th. Click here for the proposal submission form.

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