Volume 26

Explorations in Teacher Development: Volume 26 Issue 2 (Autumn 2019)

This issue contains six articles which we hope will inform you and stimulate your own development as teachers.

Our first two articles look at different difficult aspects of teaching. James Taylor explores factors influencing demotivation among eikaiwa teachers and Luann Pascucci reflects on her own discomfort in teaching students vocabulary that may have derogatory meanings in some contexts.

Following these, we are sharing two interviews with leaders of other JALT SIGs carried out at PANSIG 2019, focusing on the conference theme of teacher efficacy. Sam Morris, the TD SIG Treasurer, interviews James Sick, Coordinator of the Testing and Evaluation (TEVAL) SIG and Mike Ellis, the TD SIG, interviews Mark Brierley, editor of the Extensive Reading (ER) SIG journal.

Finally, We have two write-ups of presentations at the TD-CUE SIG Forum at JALT National in 2018. Steven Paton writes about how we might encourage students to practice more communicative behaviors in the classroom by getting them to reflect on the non-communicative behaviors they often apply in the classroom would be taken in the world outside the classroom. And Brett Laybutt looks at how teachers at his college have had to adapt to the a growing population of students from Vietnam.

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Explorations in Teacher Development: Volume 26 Issue 1 (Spring 2019)

The issue opens with an article from Brian Rugen that uses his reflection on the experiences of his teacher education students to make a case for how teacher educators can help students in their programs identify and make use of role models for their own development of teacher

Following this is a reflective piece by James W. Porcaro on how he sees and dare I say, revels in his work as a teacher at the sprightly age of 74. This is James W. Porcaro’s tenth reflective piece published in ETD, and we look forward to receiving more in the future.

Next is a transcript of the interview that TD SIG Coordinator Matthew Turner conducted with
Curtis Kelly of JALT’s Mind, Brain, and Education SIG at the PANSIG conference in 2019. It’s an interesting read about what the Mind, Brain, Education SIG does, how it engages its members, and how it supports their development as teachers.

Finally, we have two articles that come from pieces at the TD-CUE SIG Forum at JALT 2018. Nicole Moskowitz presents three activities for engaging students learning both English and Japanese as second/foreign languages in the same classroom, with some thoughts about
why these activities were successful with those populations.

Tim Murphey guides us through the ways in which he scaffolds the development of learner autonomy in his classroom and help his students become agents of their own learning.

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