Volume 24

Explorations in Teacher Development: Volume 24 Issue 2 (Fall 2017)

What does learner autonomy mean to you? Do question types and scoring methods have an effect on learner motivation? How do students feel about doing homework? These are some of the questions our contributors, Devon Arthurson, Tomoyuki, Kawashima, and Ewen MacDonald, sought to explore in this issue.

The fall issue of the ETD always publishes the proceedings from our popular Teacher Journey Conference. This year, Mary Hillis, Cristina Tat, Chad Cottom, and Yutaka Fujieda shared their journeys with us in written form.

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  • EFL Instructors in Japan: Reflections and Definitions of Learner Autonomy in Intercultural Settings – Devon Arthurson
  • Overlooked Motivational Strategies: Question Types and Test Scoring Methods – Tomoyuki Kawashima
  • Ask Your Students: Japanese Students’ Feelings and Beliefs on Homework in Juku – Ewen MacDonald

Conference Proceedings

  • Introduction to the Teacher Journeys Conference 2017 Proceedings – Mike Ellis
  • Writing Center Tutor Journeys – Mary Hillis
  • Teacher’s Journeys From the Laboratory to the ESL Classroom: Training Students in Peer- Assessment – Cristina Tat & Chad Cottam
  • Reflecting on a Professional Teacher’s Path: An Autobiographical Account – Yutaka Fujieda


  • Teacher Reflections: What I wish I could say to my students – Amanda Yoshida
  • Conference Reflections: ExcitELT – Matthew Turner

Explorations in Teacher Development: Volume 24 Issue 1 (Spring 2017)

In this issue, we have one feature article by Richard Sampson about his experiences in research, something we all struggle with from time to time. Six presenters from the TD-CUE SIG co-sponsored forum at JALT2016 submitted reports of their presentations on the theme, “Transformative Moments in Teaching”.

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  • Out of a Rut: Experiencing Authenticity in Presenting Research – Richard Sampson

TD CUE SIG Forum Reports

  • Introduction to the TD CUE Forum at the JALT National Conference – Mike Ellis
  • Understanding Wait-Time from a Learner’s Perspective – Soren Leaver
  • Transformative Moments: Academic Writing Template – Darren Van Veelen
  • Learning to be a Language Learner – An 18-Year-Old in Sweden – Dion Clingwall
  • Repositioning Student Responsibility – Stephen Paton
  • Collaborative Teaching and Reflection – Marnie Mayse and Amanda Yoshida