Registration open: “Moving Towards Sustainable Education”

We are excited to announce our upcoming face-to-face conference being held in Hakodate, Hokkaido, on Saturday February 17th.

“Moving Towards Sustainable Education” has three tracks of research and will feature round-table speakers from the English Program of Utsunomiya University who will provide insight into their progressive teacher-led research agenda.

Scanning the QR code on the flyer above will let you register and check which options you would like our help with. For example, after the event, we will likely be holding a dinner, which participants may join. As well, the following day (Sunday morning), a small sightseeing agenda is in the works. While these activities are optional, and will have some walking and personal costs to cover, we hope to spend an enjoyable time together. 

Please use the QR code on the publicity flyer to let us know your attendance at the conference, or click on the following link:

We have an exciting schedule of speakers coming – keep an eye on our social media for details:

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