JALT TD SIG Teacher Journeys 2022

The TD SIG’s annual Teacher Journeys conference, a practitioner-focused event blending research with reflective self-examination and learning from peers, will be held online on Sunday October 30th.

The conference will include both traditional and flipped presentation formats, and will utilise a novel online environment for socialising.

Please visit this page to find the following:

  • Links to prerecorded presentations (indicated by an exclamation mark). These should be watched in advance before the live session on the conference day.
  • The schedule and presentation information for the conference day.
  • A big red button to join the online conference venue. Please visit the venue in advance to create an account and confirm it is working smoothly on your device.

On the conference day:

  • The conference organizers will be online from 9:20 to meet and greet all the presenters and attendees and provide technical support if necessary.
  • The conference will officially start at 9:50 with a short speech by the organizers and the presentations will commence at 10:00am.

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