Teacher Development SIG Photo Competition 2020

The Teacher Development SIG is pleased to announce its very first photo competition!

Two winning photographs will be used in the first journal issue of 2021 and in the January 2021 newsletter.

All interested JALT members are invited to submit an original photograph related to (life in) Japan. Only members of the Japan Association for Language Teaching may submit a photograph, and entrants should remain a member up to the time the photo is used.

The photo must:
• be an original photograph taken by the person submitting it
• be in colour
• not have any licensing restrictions that prevents JALT from using it online and in print
• be high definition (minimum 1920×1080 pixels)
• be related to (life in) Japan
• not have any faces visible
• be accessible online and be shared with the TD SIG using an unrestricted link

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to 2 photographs.

Submissions are being accepted from August to September, but early submissions are welcome. The two winning photographs will be announced by December. 

Click here for the photo submission form.

• It is ultimately at the discretion of the JALT Teacher Development SIG to decide how submissions will be shared between the SIG’s journal and newsletter.
• Submissions that do not win may be divided amongst other editions of the journal and newsletter.
• All submissions are subject to use by the Japan Association for Language Teaching, e.g. to share information about the competition throughout the organisation.
• Photographs will not be used outside of official JALT purposes.