Volume 25

Volume 25 Issue 2 (Fall 2018)

What is a MOOC, and could they be useful for our professional development? What is a good tool to use for revising a paper for publication? What do students think of ESL materials used in their classes? These are some of the topics covered by our contributors, Anthony Sellick, Devon Arthurson, Allan Goodwin, & Soyhan Egitim.

The fall issue of the ETD always features the proceedings from the annual Teacher Journey’s conference. This time, Jennie Roloff Rothman, Adrianne Verla Uchida, Yukie Saito, Aviva Ueno, Anna Belobrovy, James Underwood, and Richard Walker presented about a variety of aspects of their teacher journeys

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  • Instructor Awareness of MOOCs in a Private Japanese University – Anthony Sellick
  • Revisiting Publications for Reflective Practice by Using a Parallel Thinking Tool – Devon Arthurson
  • Management and Leadership Literature for Professional Development in ELT – Allan Goodwin
  • Part One: Japanese University Students’ Perspectives on ESL Materials – Soyhan Egitim

TD SIG 2018 Teacher Journeys Annual Conference Proceedings

  • Introduction to the Conference – Mike Ellis
  • Critical Friendships: Facilitating Teacher Reflection for Professional Development – Jennie Roloff Rothman & Adrianne Verla Uchida
  • High School Teachers’ Path to Teach English Classes in English: Students’ Influence on the Path – Yukie Saito
  • Connecting the Dots and Making a Difference – Aviva Ueno
  • How My Learning and Teaching Paths Have Finally Crossed – Anna Belobrovy
  • Reflections on the Journey from Materials Creation to Evaluation and Beyond – James Underwood & Richard Walker


  • Teacher Reflections: Reflection on the Interrelationships between Learner and Teacher Autonomy – Kyoko Gruendel
  • Conference Reflections: TESOL Research Network Colloquium – Sarah Mason

Volume 25 Issue 1 (Spring 2018)

Do teachers have anything in common with the Dog Whisperer? Can journal writing assist our learners in pair conversations? Do you need tech help and are not sure of the best places to get some? These are the topics covered by our contributors, James Porcaro, Erika de Jong Watanabe, and Guy Smith.

The spring issue of the ETD always features the reports from the TD-CUE Joint Forum at the previous year’s JALT Conference. This time, Henry Foster, Daniel Hooper, Harry Meyer, Cian O’Mahony, Meg Ellis, Keiko Iyanaga, Alan Mulvey, and Cristina Tat reported on their presentations.

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  • Beyond the Silo: 10 Things to Learn from “The Dog Whisperer” – James W. Porcaro
  • Using Journal Writing to Help with Free Talking – Erika de Jong Watanabe
  • A Helping Hand in Using Technology in the Classroom – Guy Smith

JALT2017 TD-CUE SIG Forum Reports

  • Introduction to the Forum – Mike Ellis
  • Raising Awareness of Global Issues in the EFL Classroom – Henry Foster
  • Subversion with a Smile – Daniel Hooper
  • Global Understanding in the 21st Century: Making Our Students “Global Ready” – Harry Meyer
  • Creating Global Citizens at Kyoto Tachibana University – Meg Ellis, Keiko Iyanaga, Alan Mulvey, and Cristina Tat
  • An Analysis of Saving Face in the Classroom – Cian O’Mahony


  • Teacher Reflections: What truly motivates a teacher to teach? – Devon Arthurson
  • Conference Reflections: CamTESOL – Adrianne Verla Uchida